MFU Local 6

The Maritime Fishermen's Union - Local 6 is a branch organization composed primarily of inshore fishermen who have recognized the importance of having a unified voice in dealing with policy makers in the fishing industry.

The MFU  was formed in Bay Ste Anne, New Brunswick in 1977 and
 is primarily an organization for Inshore Fishermen. We represent 1,500 inshore operations in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia and we are governed by an annual convention and an elected council of fish harvesters from both New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.

We are working with an alliance of other fishing organizations to secure relief for the lobster industry in Atlantic Canada during difficult times.

The MFU actively works on market and price issues. We have led the struggle with other fishermen’s organizations to maintain and strengthen the fleet separation owner operator policies.

The MFU is committed to finding viable ways for young harvesters to enter the industry and for older harvesters to retire with dignity.


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